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adolfoThe definition of myself I prefer is ” an Adolfo”!
Some people define me “selector“, some others “Gourmet Scout“!
I start and build my role by attending to sales trainings, wine and gastronomic events of high level, hanging out daily at Kitchens, at “customers-friends'” labs, to “steal” their art and to carry it to others, sharing objectives, opinions, projects and rendering assistance to every their requests.
I always give ear to advices and methods of producers I work with. And I continously train myself with education courses!
I identify my role as “wine and food consultant“, and I’m far from being a Chef, a maitre, a director or a critic.
I just regret not to have been gratuated from University: I’ve been attending for three years Veterinary Medicine Course, but at that time, the living into my father’s restaurant and the smart set’s appeal have diverted me and make me become fond of wine and food world. However, after few years, host’s job has scared me as very demanding, hard and restrictive with respect to private life: due to these reasons I decided to assume a concurrently role, close to “fine dining” world, in strict and continuos contact with it, but staying on the other side, in search of the perfect and winning raw material.

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